Protect your family with an estate plan

Azle, Texas attorney James W. Collier assists families with wills, trusts and probate

Anyone who wants to leave a legacy must have a plan. Without one, probate costs could eat into your property and assets, and the courts could distribute them in a way you never intended. Your survivors could face serious financial problems. Even people with few or no assets should have a will – it directs the efficient administration of the estate, and a person might have a sizable estate because of the way he or she died. Azle attorney Jim Collier works with individuals, families and businesses to develop estate plans. He has more than 30 years’ experience assisting families with probate, wills, trusts, guardianships and asset protection entities.

Probate Court and Estates

Estate PlanningMost Texas estates have independent executors named in the decedent’s will. After you admit a will to probate, debt payment and distribution of assets take place outside the court system. This very efficient system is the most time-and cost-effective approach to handling estates. However, it requires a will. If you die without one, then everything in your estate must devolve according to the Texas Probate Code, and that process is sometimes very frustrating.

Some property does not go through probate at all, including most property transferred by way of a trust, property in joint ownership with right of survival or a pay on death arrangement, or by direct payment to beneficiaries such as insurance proceeds or retirement plans. Jim can help set up a system (sometimes called an “estate plan”) that will use these tools to minimize the costs and trouble while accomplishing the desires of the client.

Legal Advice is Crucial

Azle lawyer Jim Collier advises clients in all stages of life and in a wide variety of financial situations. In some cases, he will prepare a will to spell out guardianship and inheritance. Other clients could establish a trust to transfer property without going through probate. Jim provides advice on setting up trusts or other entities to protect assets and pass down property the way the client intends.

Federal estate tax law changes frequently and rarely simplifies. Reviewing your estate plan frequently is vital. Jim understands the legal complexities of estates, taxes, real estate and business, enabling him to provide comprehensive, ongoing service to his clients. He will work with your chosen tax advisor to minimize any tax impact on your survivors and minimize the effort they require to complete the estate.

Most estates include real property, whether it is a family home, investment property or business property. Jim assists clients when they acquire property, and he structures the ownership to fit estate planning needs. His experience with real estate, the associated title insurance requirements and business transactions enables him to give comprehensive advice to clients and provide them real peace of mind.

Jim provides probate services, estate planning, wills and trusts for families in Parker County, Wise County, Tarrant County, Ft. Worth, Lake Worth, Azle, Weatherford, Aledo, White Settlement, Benbrook, Boyd, Saginaw and Decatur. He also provides representation in cases of contested wills, including litigation when necessary.

For estate planning, wills and probate assistance, contact James W. Collier, Attorney at Law.

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