Foreclosure and Default Representation

Azle, Texas attorney James W. Collier provides services to banks and secured creditors

ForeclosureIn Texas, as throughout the nation, the rules for default and foreclosure proceedings are constantly changing. Officials responded to economic problems and the mortgage crisis with new regulations and stronger enforcement. No one involved can afford to make a mistake during this complex process. Azle attorney Jim Collier provides comprehensive service for default and foreclosure actions.

In October 2010, Texas’ attorney general sent demand letters to 30 banks, ordering them to halt foreclosures, short sales and evictions. Although this does not carry the force of law, it does demonstrate that banks and creditors must ensure that they follow every statutory requirement in the loan and default process.

Experienced foreclosure representation

Jim Collier has worked with banks and secured creditors since he began practicing 30 years ago. In addition to conducting foreclosures, he handles a wide variety of collection and enforcement matters. With this in-depth knowledge, he can ensure a thorough review of the case and proper conduct of the collection in a timely fashion and with the best result for his client.

Most foreclosures in Texas are non-judicial. Except for some notice provisions, most Texas foreclosures do not involve court actions. Lenders must draw up and execute the original loan security documents properly to include the power of sale. Azle lawyer Jim Collier assists banks and other creditors during the loan origination process to protect their interests in the event of a default.

Foreclosure sales

Jim conducts foreclosure sales for both real estate and personal property, such as business equipment. His experience in foreclosure helps ensure the process results in the best financial return and minimum risk of challenge. Jim’s knowledge includes:

  • Collateral recovery
  • Notice and conduct of public sale
  • Residential property foreclosure
  • Personal property foreclosure and repossession
  • Minimizing the risk of wrongful sale liability
  • Judicial foreclosure proceedings
  • Conversions of property to cash
  • Entering deficiency judgments

Local knowledge

State and federal law govern foreclosure actions, but mortgage lenders conduct foreclosures locally. Jim Collier is experienced and knowledgeable to serve clients in Parker County, Wise County, Tarrant County, Ft. Worth, Lake Worth, Azle, Weatherford, Aledo, White Settlement, Benbrook, Boyd, Saginaw and Decatur.

For quality legal service in default and foreclosure cases, contact James W. Collier, Attorney at Law.

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