Real Estate Lawsuit?

Azle, Texas attorney James W. Collier provides professional representation

mortgageWhen a real estate matter goes to court, it is usually at the end of a long and complex process. Azle attorney Jim Collier is a real estate litigation professional with 30 years of courtroom experience.

Real estate cases can range from a relatively simple contract dispute to a complex multi-party title claim. Jim brings to each case the same focused attention and commitment to resolution.  If research, negotiation and mediation do not bring results, then he will vigorously represent clients before judges and juries.

Jim is a Texas native and Azle lawyer, with an in-depth knowledge of local issues affecting real estate cases in Parker County, Wise County, Tarrant County, Ft. Worth, Lake Worth, Azle, Weatherford, Aledo, White Settlement, Benbrook, Boyd, Saginaw and Decatur. His experience in title work and closings helps ensures a thorough analysis of all aspects of a real estate case.

He knowledgeably handles the entire process, from initiation through appeals if necessary, in both state and federal court. Jim Collier is licensed to practice in Texas, Florida, the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas and the U.S. Court of Appeals Fifth Circuit.

Litigation Consultant

In large-scale real estate litigation, Jim often serves as a consultant to develop strategy and assist with case management. Property matters revolve around documentation, and his skills in case analysis and curative matters are in high demand.

Areas of representation

Jim Collier represents clients in a wide variety of real estate cases including:

  • Boundary disputes
      –   Encroachments such as fences or buildings that cross over property lines

      –   Easement and boundary disputes in development projects

      –   Improvements such as add-on structures or landscaping that are incompatible with the use and enjoyment of a property

      –   Roadways or trails that cross over a property

  • Disputes between or among adjacent property owners
      –   Incompatible uses

      –   Nuisances

      –   Excessive noise, odors, lights

  • Title disputes
      –   Covenants and Conditions

      –   Easements

      –   Liens

      –   Delinquent taxes

      –   Improper transfers of title

  • Lot line adjustment issues
  • Real Estate Contracts
  • Claims of adverse possession
  • Collection of loans secured by real estate

Real property disputes can often be resolved without litigation. However, it is essential to work from the outset with an experienced attorney who will do the necessary groundwork if a case goes to trial.

For a review of real estate issues or assistance in real estate litigation, contact James W. Collier, Attorney at Law.

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